Background – A Little Bit About Me

I am a 30 something Mummy with a three year old daughter and four month old son. We live in the Wirral, and I’m starting my blog whilst I’m on maternity leave.

I come from a family of nurses, and whilst I was encouraged to study nursing at uni, I didn’t. I studied psychology at Bath Spa University and dropped out half way through my final year. Eeek.

I worked in hotels to support my study, and, eventually, found myself in Event Management. I loved this job, organising weddings and big corporate events. The hours and shifts were, as you can imagine, long and antisocial.

I then found myself with the ultimate event to organise – my own wedding! Shortly after we planned a family.

However, Event Management and family life is hard to juggle, hats off to you if that’s you!

I spent a fair bit of time in hospital before our daughter came along. I had two miscarriages, (Part II) an ectopic pregnancy and a molar pregnancy, more on this later.

So, I took the advice from years ago and decided to try my hand in the care industry, to see if I could create a better work-life balance.

I returned to work when our daughter was six months old, working in a care home organising activities for the old folk. A good combination of using my organisation skills from my event management days, and an introduction to the change of working environment. I loved it.

After 18 months working in a care home, I knew I wanted to turn my career towards care, rather than as an activities coordinator. This is when I took a job as a carer, before falling pregnant with our baby boy.

My plan is to study at university for a nursing degree when the little two are a bit older, we’ll see how that turns out!

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