Summer Bucket List 2018

I’ve seen a few bloggers talking about bucket lists for the summer, and thought it was a fantastic idea, so decided to have a go ourselves.

School holidays can be a pain for pre-school parents as all the routine term time groups tend to come to an end. However, I do appreciate that parents with little ones in school it is a welcome break and time to have family time. I know I’ll always look forward to holidays when our two are in school.

So, I sat down with our daughter and had a chat about what we would like to do over the summer when some of our groups won’t be on. Here is our bucket list for 2018

Soft Play

Not one of my favourite places, but definitely one of my daughters (even after a recent incident, another story for another time)

We managed to squeeze this in before school holidays started, so it wasn’t full of older kids. The soft play local to us has a lovely sensory area for babies, so our little boy loves that too.

Cinema Date

I’ve made a list in my diary of the films that will be showing in our local cinema over the summer, these include: Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Hey Duggee and Messy goes to
Okido (both the same as CBeebies, but shown in a cinema setting) It is such a treat to get popcorn and sweets and get cosy to watch a favourite film.

Den making

Generally a Daddy activity, but easy enough to do with a few kitchen chairs and blankets. I may even get a coffee if I time den making with our sons afternoon nap.


Indoors and outdoors! We all need lunch, so why not throw a blanket on the floor/garden/
park/beach and have more fun with it! We usually bring all the teddies down when we have we have a picnic at home.

Fancy Dress

Probably my least favourite activity, and I’m not afraid to admit it! However, it’s so much fun for our daughter. We have two costumes, a Tinker Bell and Mermaid, so we will have a little role play morning. I always keep an eye on eBay and in charity shops for second hand costumes, they can be so pricey brand new!

Beach and Park

Our local beach is about a 30 second walk from our house, we are very lucky! We have a few bucket and spade sets from Poundland, so when the weather is perfect we will head to the beach.

Our local park is also just as close, however, we may venture a bit further and explore other local parks. We live quite close to a park that has a fairyland. A group of local artists have created a little village in amongst the trees with fairy doors and fairy homes, this is a particular favourite of our daughters.


My favourite kind of days! I stock up on everything, paint, glue, googly eyes, foam shaped animals to decorate (Poundland), colouring books, sticker books, etc etc etc! I love this kind of play! I am that mum who will invite your child to come over to play with play doh, paint and sticky things! I’m always on the lookout for cheap crafts. I was chatting to a mum today about magic painting, and she found Usbourne magic painting to be the best. I looked on Insta-stories and another mum was talking about the exact same thing. So, Usbourne magic painting books are on my shopping list.

Cake Baking

I’m not a baker! My favourite kind of baking is the “add an egg” packs with rice paper decorations! I’ve recently picked up a My Little Pony Box from Home Bargain and aMinions Box from Morrison’s.

Zoo Day Out

We are members of Chester Zoo, so it’s a lovely cheap day out. It’s huge, so even when it’s busy in school holidays, it doesn’t seem so.

Blue Planet Day Out

Another local attraction that we are members of, so a cheap morning/afternoon out. Although, I’m sure it will get busy over school holidays, especially rainy days, so will choose carefully for this one.


On August bank holiday there is a Lifeboat Open Day, and of course lots of fairground rides.


Our local libraries have a few organised activities over the summer, mainly crafty activities. We have signed up to do Rock Painting, and will probably go to Story Time a few times too.


Our daughter is only 3, so this is for cousins only at this age! It’s always great to be able to offer a parent a night off, and our daughter LOVES having her cousin to stay over. Our daughter loves fairies, and she has a fairy door in her bedroom. It has previously been used by the dummy fairy to leave presents when she gave up her dummies, and I plan to use it in the future for the tooth fairy. I also love to use it for the sleepover fairy. I get a little gift bag and fill it with sleepover goodies – a little toy, some chocolate “treasure” coins, some colouring and pens, that kind of thing. It goes down a treat and keeps the girls quiet for a little while at least!


Our daughter loves to play pamper – having her nails painted, and painting mine too! I found Frozen girls nail varnish in Poundland which is absolutely perfect for these kind of days!


This is for our baby boy, rather than our daughter. When our daughter was 3 months we had her footprints painted onto a plate for a keeepsake. I am still to do this with our son, and he is 7 months now, so definitely on my list for this summer!

What are you up to over the summer? Do you have a bucket list? Any more ideas for activities would be great!

Big love , JB xxx

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