Returning to Work After Maternity, Part II

If you’ve read Returning to Work After Maternity, Part I, you’ll know how I changed my career after having our daughter.

I started a career in care, and absolutely loved it. I knew I wanted to return to the same job, no questions asked. I will tell you something for nothing, it was a lot harder being pregnant and working as a carer, than it was in an office environment! This was mostly the reason I started my maternity leave earlier than I did with our daughter. Starting my mat leave earlier also meant I had two months with our daughter before baby came along. Those months were fab (if a little exhausting!)

So, I would be due back to work when our baby boy was about 7 months.

I felt so anxious about returning to work. I worried that there would be new staff, and although I’m an outgoing person, meeting people, especially in a work setting (working 13 hours with the same person), there feels a lot of pressure to get on with them. I worried too that they wouldn’t be able to accommodate my requests for the days I can work with childcare. And then I worried that my role may have changed while I’d been away. I had a million other worries too, these are just the big ones!

I shouldn’t have worried – the team is almost exactly the same as when I left, and they’ve been fantastic with my hours.

My first day back was so lovely – I remembered why I love my job so much, I remembered how rewarding it is. I have fab work colleagues, and it was exactly like I’d never been away. I can’t put into words the emotions I felt after my first shift back. I missed the kids, missed them loads, but they were having fun with Daddy. I think it’s important for them to have quality time with their Daddy. I had time to have a hot coffee, and adult conversations with colleagues and residents.

It is hard work balancing work, getting kids stuff ready the night before and coming home to a house full of housework, not to mention the 5.30am alarm! But, it keeps me busy! I wouldn’t have it any other way (throw into the mix keeping up to date with my blog – probably why I’ve been a bit quieter this month!)

It’s good to be back in work! And after 9 months of statutory maternity pay, I’m looking forward to my first months pay!

Big love, JB xxx


  1. Sarah says:

    Love this blog jen! Especially your return to work! Those morning coffee breaks when you guys come in are muchly needed by us night staff! ♥

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