Homebirth, Part II

I had a beautiful (unplanned) homebirth with our daughter, and when I fell pregnant with our son it was one of the first things I hoped for again.

My pregnancy was healthy and low risk, and so it was agreed I could have a homebirth again. The midwives would provide the birthing pool, and there was a few bits I’d need to get.

I needed to organise a hosepipe (to fill the birthing pool), some shower curtains to protect the floor from water and other “stuff”, and some towels, as well as all the usual hospital bag stuff.

I’ll never forget my mum going to B&Q to get a connection for the hosepipe to the tap. The bloke she asked for help couldn’t believe what she needed it for, and made sure she had the exact connection she needed. He said he’d never been asked for that before!

Due Date

Our baby boy was due on 26th December (we like to keep things busy!). On Christmas night, I had a show and a few pains. I thought things were about to start. We rang the midwife and explained what was happening. She told me to try and get some rest, I laughed at this, I thought there was no way I could rest with the pains I was having. I was wrong, I fell asleep and woke up on 26th December as though nothing had happened!

I went for a few walks, and tried to get things going again over the next two days.

28th December

On the morning of 28th December, I was in the living room with my daughter when my waters went
(Thankfully we have wooden floor!) This didn’t happen with my daughter so it was a bit of a surprise! Our daughter asked me why was I doing a wee on the floor! So funny!

We decided to go upstairs into the bath to catch the rest of the water that was dribbling out. The funny thing about this was, as my husband helped me up the stairs, our daughter followed behind walking on the wet wooden steps, and we didn’t even think about the risk of her slipping!

Once I was in the bath, our daughter brought me all her teddies to look after me!

Call the Midwife

My husband rang the midwife at about 9am, and as she knew how fast things had happened previously she said to ring an ambulance if the baby appears before she does, but she assured us she was on her way.

The next job for my husband was to setup the birthing pool, and arrange for our daughter to be collected by her Grandad.

As the midwives arrived I came downstairs and climbed into the pool. I thought things were going to happen quite quickly again.

We had a music list prepared and so we put this on, and I relaxed as I prepared to give birth to our baby boy. The contractions were quite close together and intense. I tried to hypnobirth and use my breathing through the contractions, but it seemed to go on longer than expected. The midwives asked me if I needed a wee. I was adamant I didn’t, but they made me walk upstairs to try. That took a while, especially during a contraction where I was naked clinging onto the bannister, must have been quite a sight. I couldn’t wee, and so I came back downstairs and got into the pool. We did this a few times, up and down the stairs, what I didn’t know at the time, but found out after, was that when I got into the pool, things slowed down. The movement of walking up and down the stairs, although a killer, it brought baby lower. When I was upstairs on about the fifth time, they put a catheter in, and drained about 50ml from my bladder (I told you so!)

I decided I wanted to stay upstairs and try to push out of the water. There are many different positions I found myself in, but the one that worked for me is the hanging squat! Our baby boy was born on our bedroom floor, weighing a healthy 8lb 3oz!

Once again, I must thank our two midwives Hannah and Morgan for all their love, help and support throughout my pregnancy, thank you!

Did you have a homebirth, either planned or unplanned? Let me know your birth story in the comments below

Big Love, JB xxx

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