2018 – Our Year in Review

2018, you were very kind to us! Thanks for the memories, here are a few of my favourites, our year in review.

We started in January with a 3 day old baby boy, after a beautiful home birth. The arrival of a sibling for Emily was more than we could have ever wished for, and a very special time for us.

March we went away as a big family, for my Mums 60th. Centre Parcs in Nottingham was magical in the snow, proper snow too! A fabulous time was had by us all.

April is always a busy month, with hubbys birthday and Aintree Races. One of my favourite wins this year was for the races. Randox, the main sponsor announced that they were giving away tickets, if you could get to where they were in Liverpool. I text my husband and he was literally just driving down that road, he parked up and bagged us two free tickets!

It was May that I went LIVE with Bruceys Blog! Thanks if you’ve been with me from the start! Lots more planned for 2019!

In June we had our family holiday to Blackpool, I didn’t have great expectations, but it was honestly one of the best holidays we’d had as a family. We said we’d be back to see the lights in the autumn. (which we did!)

In July it was time to return to work after 9 months of maternity leave. It doesn’t feel like I’ve ever been away now, read how I got on when I first went back here.

In September my husband was admitted to hospital for a few nights (after I’d told him he had man flu!) turns out his pancreas was close to rupturing. Crikey. Juggling two kids, childcare and work while solo parenting was probably the hardest weekend of the year. We all came through stronger.

December arrived swiftly, and thankfully I’d prepared the whole year through for two birthdays and Christmas. I say prepared, I’d bought all the presents, but I left the wrapping rather late! I will never do that again!

I also chose to work Christmas Day (after having the last two off, I felt it was my turn). It was a beautiful morning, and a great pleasure to care for my old folk on such a special day.

On New Years Eve we celebrated Emily’s birthday with friends and family, before ordering a curry, and both falling asleep before 10pm! But I’m okay with that, no place I’d rather be than with family.

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading!


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