Raising Confident Girls – First Day of School

Our daughter started school last week. I’m not kiddin’, she smashed it!

We were awake early with excitement, her miniature uniform had been laid out ready the night before. We all got ready, and she was super eager to leave the house – so much so we were the first to arrive at the (closed) school gate. She couldn’t wait to get in and see all her friends. When the gate opened, she spotted her teacher straight away and confidently strolled over to her new classroom. She waved “Bye Mummy” and she was off! I didn’t even need to go to the classroom with her. I was so proud of our daughter, so immensely proud. I started to walk home, and as I thought about all the stuff we had done in her little life that had helped to build her confidence, that’s when I started to cry.

I’m so pleased I took her to classes as a toddler, dance and swimming especially. I’m certain this is why she has been at ease over starting school.

I returned to pick her up later that day, and, as always, I was really early. The school gate was open, so I walked through, wondering where exactly I would pick her up from. The gate shut behind me, and then more parents started to arrive. On the other side of the gate! I was in the wrong place! I felt socially awkward. Not a good impression to make with other parents I thought! I think our daughter made a better first impression than I did 😂

Shortly after, the caretaker came round and let the other parents in, and our daughter came running out from school full of news about her friends and her new teacher. She loved her first day, and couldn’t wait to go back the next day. We went home, none stop chatter all the way, had a hot chocolate and got her uniform ready for the following day.

I felt a little warm fuzzy feeling in my heart that evening. Wow. What a girl.

Shine bright my beautiful girl, shine bright!



  1. Awww – I’m sure it won’t matter that you ended up in the wrong place – it’s not your fault, it’s theirs – you shouldn’t have been able to go through anywhere! Glad it’s gone well for her so far. I bet she’ll be shattered by Friday 🙂

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