Eight Years Married – Eight Things I’ve Learnt

We are fast approaching our eighth wedding anniversary, and I’ve recently had some time to reflect on things I’ve learnt after eight years of being married.

I’ve got the best gift buying husband, ever!

Each year, we try to buy presents that are in line with traditional gifts for each year. Here is what we have bought each other, each year

1st Anniversary – Paper

He wrote me a book about our first year of marriage

I designed him a photo collage of all the events that happened the year we got married

2nd Anniversary – Cotton

He bought me a beautiful pillow

I bought him a cotton fields canvas picture

3rd Anniversary – Leather 

He bought me leather boots

I bought him leather man bag

4th Anniversary – Fruit/Flowers Silk/Linen

He bought me Daisy Perfume, it was my wedding day perfume too

I bought him, do you know what, I’m not even sure, probably chocolate for me to eat!

5th Anniversary – Wood

He bought me a wicker picnic basket

I bought him concert tickets (paper comes from trees, right?)

6th Anniversary Iron

I bought him an iron ornate fire guard

I have no memory of what he bought me, hmmm.

7th Anniversary Copper

He bought me a copper necklace

I bought him copper decorated wine glasses

8th Anniversary – Bronze/Pottery

We spent the weekend at Alton Towers – Stoke is known as The Potteries? We are just starting our kitchen renovations, so may buy something pottery for our kitchen when it’s complete.

We have been through our tough times

All couples at some point, go through tough times, that is inevitable. We have both spent time in hospital, and have very much been there for each other “in sickness and in health”. I’ve wrote about a few tough times here on my blog, other tough times stay private.

Falling in love all over again, watching my husband become a Daddy

Watching my newborn children fall asleep on my husbands chest as tiny babies is a moment in each of their lives that I will treasure forever. He has always been a hands on Daddy, which has been the best support. He’s not afraid to get involved, in fact he’s quite proud to take his children out at the weekend when I’m in work.

Whatever you want to do, is alright with me

As the lyrics to Al Green – Let’s Stay Together (our first dance at our wedding) suggest, whatever my husband wants to do, is alright with me, and vice versa. This particularly rang true when I changed my career after having our daughter. Our finances were about to change by quite a margin, so I needed to know I had my husbands support.

We’ve got our routine down to a fine art

We have an excellent routine, which is definitely needed with two kids, and my long working days! Night before set up is essential to a smooth running morning, it doesn’t matter how tired I am after work, I’ll always ensure everything is ready for morning. I usually work two days together, so I’ll get two days worth of clothes/uniform out and ready before I go to work. Breakfast bowls and cereal are ready on the table, bags are packed, lunch ready in the fridge, everything is ready to go, go go!

It’s more important than ever to have time to ourselves

With so much free time taken up with family time, we make sure we go out, just the two of us, as often as we can. We love to watch gigs and have a meal out. Any opportunity of a babysitter we grab with two hands. It’s so important to stay connected, especially when family life is so busy.

Time with the whole family

Both me and my husband come from large families, I’m the middle of three, he is the eldest of four. One thing we have always wanted for our kids is for them to spend a lot of time growing up with their cousins, and extended family. We are very lucky to have 4 niece/nephews on each side of the family, and all a similar age. We are always happy to invite them over, and even stay over. The best memories are being made right now.

Keeping Fit & Healthy

Having a husband who’s priority is staying fit and healthy definitely helps keep me motivated. Whilst I prefer running, he prefers rowing. We both enjoy eating healthy, but he is the best cook. We’ve recently started eating a lot of vegetarian food; beetroot burgers, mac n cheese, and veggie cottage pie (Thanks Jamie Oliver). I’m so grateful he’s there to stop me getting stuck in a rut.

That pretty much sums up how we’ve got through the last eight years, here is to many, many more!

Big love, JB xx



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