Summer Bucket List 2021

The six week holiday starts soon, and as last year was a right off (thanks Covid), we had to get our heads together and plan some fun for the summer.


Always high on our list is a trip to Blackpool. We have booked a caravan holiday this year. Caravan holidays were my favourite memories from my own childhood, and our kids equally love them. Whilst in Blackpool we will visit Blackpool Zoo, visit the beach and arcades, and should my anxiety allow, a trip to Sandcastles Water Park


Another favourite place of mine beginning with B! My best friend lives near Bath, and we’ve not seen each other for 18 months. Through my amazing hobby, I’ve won a two night stay in Bath (we will probably make it 3 nights) Our kids are looking forward to spending time with each other, and we are definitely looking forward to long chats and a catch up in the sun.


We’ve lived in Hoylake for 10 years (and 3 in West Kirby before that) and I’ve never visited Hilbre Island. My lovely friend’s husband is the ranger on the island, so they spend a lot of time over there. I’ve asked her to show us the route, and we are looking forward to a girly day on the island with picnics and more catch-ups all around.


My daughter and her best friend love mermaids, and before lockdown we were due to visit The Sealife Centre in Manchester to see real mermaids. The Sealife Centre have recently restarted these events, so hopefully we can get a visit to the magical mermaids over the summer.


One for the boys, our son loves diggers, tractors, and most other big machines. We hope to visit Diggerland over the summer, and in particular hope to play hook a duck with a digger!

Sunflowers @ Benty

Last year we were able to visit our favourite little tea room at Benty Farm and pick some beautiful (huge!) sunflowers. They really brightened up our kitchen, and hope to do the same again this summer. This year they hope to have yellow, orange and pink sunflowers, just gorgeous

Peace Doves @ Liverpool Catherdral

A beautiful installation of 18,000 paper peace doves suspended from the ceiling in Liverpools Anglican Catherdral. A few friends have visited already (one friend even has yoga booked, below the doves, beautiful!) I think this will be amazing to see, and as we missed the moon installation in 2018, I’d really like to make sure we see this one.


On the topic of yoga, Yogasmiths host a number of beach yoga sessions  on the beach over the summer. We love these evenings, practicing yoga as the sunsets is truly magical. Always good to follow these evenings with a glass of wine in The Green Lodge.

Camper Van Trip

Last year for the kids birthdays we hired a stunning VW Camper from Happy Campers. It’s long been a dream of mine to own a VW Camper, however, I don’t think that particular dream will come true this summer. We would love to hire a VW for a weekend and take ourselves off for a few nights and enjoy some family time away

I can’t wait for a summer of memories, I think 2021 is going to be the best summer we’ve had for a long time!

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